Dear line dance dancers,

we prepared for you a brand new web site where you can find all the news about Line dance from all over the world, the terms of workshops focused on teaching techniques and competition dances as well as the information about the terms of local workshops in Písek and the International competition – CZECH OPEN.

Furthermore, there is a list of dances available. We regularly refill or renew the file with dances that we have taught and practised. You can find there both the stepheets of the dances and some videos.

The highlight all in all is that we have four very good-quality lectors who regularly attend private lessons of proffessional dance teachers abroad, so that they are able to share their experience and appropriate techniques with you.

So do not hesitate, we are looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor in the rhythm of line dance.

The team of TCS Louisiana Pisek

. - 6. 11. 2016 Czech Open Písek
 – International Qualifying competition for the world championships in Line Dance

All details can be found at CZECH OPEN website


This event is supported by town Pisek



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